Common Reasons Why Your Dryer Vent Might Be Clogged

Undoubtedly, a clogged vent is dangerous. A clogged vent causes many problems for a family. Therefore, it is necessary to get it regularly cleaned by a reliable and professional cleaning company. Wyoming duct cleaning services regularly check the dryer to prevent it from clogging.

However, some people avoid cleaning the dryer vent. For them, spending money on dryer vents is a waste, and they can easily do it independently. Keep in mind that any carelessness with a dryer duct can cause a massive fire. Therefore, keep the cleaning company number on the speed dial. The poison and harmful air cannot pass through a clogged dyer, which means staying and building inside the house. Such harmful gases are dangerous and cause health issues.

Let’s understand why a dryer duct gets clogged. Eastern Idaho ductwork sealing is known for its work in fixing the dryer vent and air duct.

· Lint and Debris

Some lint escapes from the lint trap and gets stuck in the dryer duct. Slowly with every use, the lint starts building up on the inner surfaces of the dryer duct. This leads to blocking the air from flowing to the exterior dryer vent. The dryer gets overheated because of the air blockage, ruining the dryer motor, and sometimes starting a fire.

· Blocked Vent Cover

You may not know, but the dryer vent leads to an exterior vent. You can quickly notice it by the sound of the dryer air blowing, the smell of fabric softener, or the warm air escaping. Wyoming duct cleaning unblocked the vent cover, which is used to protect the dryer duct from the outside. This cover gets stuck or blocked, which clogged the dryer duct. Sometimes it happens because of the lint that is trapped in the vent cover.

· Animal or Insect Activity

Some of you may not know, but animals or insects also sometimes cause the blockage of dryer ducts. For example, birds build a nest that prevents the hot air from escaping from the dryer. Sometimes, these animals die inside the dryer duct, thus forming a blockage. Similarly, some tiny insects like spiders or wasps make their nest there, clogging the dryer ducts. The spider web or a wasp nest blocks the airflow and catches the link, thus creating a blockage in the dryer. The Eastern Idaho ductwork sealing cleans the area properly and makes such arrangements that animals like birds do not make their nest there.

· Fabric Softener Residue

The majority of people don't know, but the fabric softener chemicals get stuck in the dryer duct. With every use, they became more extensive and more prominent in space. This again causes the dryer duct blockage.

There are minimal ways to prevent these reasons. However, it would be best if you got your dryer cleaned regularly to avoid any disastrous outcomes. Cleaning dryers may not seem important to you, but it becomes necessary to clean them properly with time. With regular cleaning, you also increase the lifespan of the dryer.

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