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Quality Air Solutions is proud to be an authorized AEROSEAL dealer.  We are trained, certified, and well equipped to bring you all the benefits AEROSEAL has to offer. This includes cleaner indoor air, evenly heated or cooled spaces, and a reduction in operating cost. 

Benefits of Aeroseal

  • Improved air quality: Reduction of dust, allergens, and smells 

  • Comfort: Evenly distribute heat or cooling across the zone to where it needed

  • Savings: A sealed and efficient system runs less and saves you money

Are you experiencing?

  • Excessive dust, allergens, or musty unwanted smells

  • Unevenly heated or cooled spaces 

  • Constantly running system

  • High utility cost

9 out of 10 existing systems in Northern America have ductwork containing small holes and cracks along the seams and joints. All those small leaks add up fast causing increased allergens, reduced comfort, and higher utility bills. 

Aeroseal Duct Sealing is a breakthrough technology that seals duct leaks from the inside out. Using this patented system allows us to accurately measure the duct leakage before and after the sealing process. The Aeroseal process puts the duct system under pressure causing air to flow out the leaks. The polymer particles are forced through the opening causing them to bind together. Over a short time, the hole is closed by the polymer and sealed. This technique allows us to completely seal the system without costly access to the entire ductwork. saving time and money.

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