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Quality Air Solutions has specialized tools and the experience to unclog and clean your dryer vent system. Removing the lint stuck in the vent pipe greatly increases the efficiency of your dryer and substantially decreases the risk of dangerous dryer fires.  Leaving you safer and saving you money.

According to a US Consumer Product Safety Commission report in 2011 dryer lint was responsible for over 15,500 household fires per year. Totaling over $217,000,000 in related damages. With that risk in mind, we inspect the system before and after to verify the complete removal of lint from the system. 

Warning signs of a restricted dryer vent

  • The dryer produces heat but takes longer to dry clothes.

  • Clothes are hot but damp at the end of a cycle

  • Excessive lint is seen behind the dryer and noticeable on the exhaust vent.

  • It has been more than one year since the vent was inspected or cleaned.

  • Above-average dryer usage (large family)


We clean dryer vents from single-family homes all the way to large hotels and apartment complexes with dozens of vents. 

Call Quality Air Solutions today to set up a dryer vent cleaning & check our dryer vent cleaning cost.

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